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Quality Exterior Painting in Marco Island

exterior paintingMarco Island is such a special place to live. The beaches are great; Gulf waters are plentiful with fish and fun for watersports; and the restaurants are so varied that even the finickiest of eaters will easily find something they love. The toughest part of living in Marco Island is the toll that the sun takes on the outside paint of the homes. You see, the glorious sun that we love to bask in does a number on the paint. Depending upon the quality of paint used, it could bubble, peel, or even fade quickly. For this reason, every time you paint you should use professionals for exterior painting in Marco Island. Professional painting contractors can help ensure that the paint lasts as long as possible. The painters at Alex Quality Painting use only professional grade products for exterior painting in Marco Island.

Marco Island Exterior Painting Contractors

One must also consider the tropical storms and hurricanes that blow through Marco Island and other SW FL towns. There are only a handful of homeowners who realize that during those high wind events, sand and small objects are picked up and blasted into homes by the force of the wind. Of course, this can damage windows and doors however; it can also do great harm to the paint on the house. In fact, parts of the paint can in essence, can be sandblasted clean to the concrete block! This must be addressed immediately to prevent degradation of the concrete block construction. Alex Quality Painting offers high quality exterior painting in Marco Island.

Full Service Exterior Painting in Marco Island

A lot of people living in Marco Island have more than a home on their properties. The vast majorities have sheds; while others have boathouses, doghouses and other types of structures. Most people want all of the structures to be painted at the same time so that they match. This makes perfect sense. It is unfortunate that many companies offering exterior painting in Marco Island simply want to paint the house and the boathouse, but refuse to do small structures like the doghouse or shed. That’s so wrong. Alex Quality Painting will gladly handle your exterior painting in Marco Island regardless of the size of the job.

Marco Island Exterior Painting Professionals

Alex Quality Painting provides SW FL homeowners with the highest quality residential painting services. The professional painting contractors offer exterior painting in Marco Island, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples and Port Charlotte. Call 239-825-6001 to set up an appointment for an estimate for your exterior painting project in Marco Island.

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